Adequate Recovery IS Possible as an LEO


Recovery seems to be a sticking point for a lot of first responders.  We deal with a lot of stress and experience critical incidents that can cause both short term and long term trauma.  The job comes with a crazy schedule and therefore a perceived lack of time, in many cases.  We add additional stress upon ourselves through training, both physically and mentally. 


So what can we do to help ourselves? How does recovery play a role in the life of an LEO?


Let’s start with what recovery means.  One definition is the following:

“A return to a normal state of health, mind or strength.” 


For us at Effective Fitness, that version is the most important to us.  We strive to give that to you after every workout session and beyond.  So how do we accomplish that?  


*Access the Free EFT Recovery Guide for Cops Here*


A Healthy Mind


A healthy state of mind for you will be different...

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How To Perform More Push Ups and Pull Ups


The Kings of Calisthenic Exercises


Push ups and pull ups are the hands-down the most popular upper-body bodyweight exercises.

While both of these movements are so commonly done in the gym, there is a lack of education and knowledge on how to properly progress them.

Most people just do max effort sets a few times a week and hope that by doing that, they will achieve more reps in a few weeks.

While that works sometimes.. there are better ways to go about it.


We have found that doing more sets of less reps leads to a higher number of max reps in just 4 weeks when compared to performing max rep sets.


Instead of doing 3-5 sets of max reps and waiting 60-120 seconds and repeating, we discovered that doing 6-9 sets of 35-50% of the reps and resting 45-90 seconds leads to better results.

By taking this approach you prevent yourself from fatiguing out after the first set and not being able to achieve the same number of...

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