5 Essentials for Prepared Cops


The realm of Law Enforcement and the gear that comes with it is no secret to those of us in the profession.


Neither is it a secret that officers range from the barely prepared... to the over-the-top-gear-whore.


I have been in this career for over 20 years and just like the Farmers Insurance commercials say; I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.  Over the years I have come to realize that everyone has their own sense of how prepared they should be for patrol.  I know that I certainly have my own thoughts.  And those thoughts may not match everyone or anyone else’s.   Just because you have all the gear and gadgets in the world does not mean that you are prepared for the job.


What I have seen is that a lack of preparedness on patrol leads to a lack of confidence and skill.


There are simple ways to make sure that you are prepared for your shift in order to be the best officer you can be for yourself,...

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Top 3 Reasons a Home Gym is Essential for Police Officers


As Law Enforcement Officers, we know that most of us have the following in common...

Time is limited due to the nature of the profession. Long shifts, night shifts, rotating shifts, mandatory overtime, working holidays and weekends, inconsistent schedules, etc.

These things can make getting to the gym on a consistent basis more difficult.

We also know that staying healthy and maintaining or improving your physical abilities can add up to a lot of time (and money) invested.

With that being said, it is an absolutely essential investment, because nothing else matters if you do not have your health.

Finding a way to keep yourself physically prepared for job duties, having personal time to improve and work on you and your health, and time for some "iron therapy" couldn't be a more necessary component of your life.

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Common Excuses For Cops to Not Train


Either you've heard these before... or you have used...

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