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Our Mission is to create effective Law Enforcement Officers and enhance their career by optimizing performance, limiting injuries, and reducing stress through education and science driven fitness.
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By Law Enforcement

We are a team of Police Officers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Defensive Tactics Experts and Physical Therapists working together to achieve one goal... making more effective police officers.

Daily Exercises Through an App

New workouts designed for tactical athletes are sent directly to your phone everyday so you don’t have to think about what to do when you get to the gym. Now you can easily track your workouts and progress without having to scroll through a PDF! You will also receive weekly Combatives instruction to combine with your training.

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Community Of Police Officers

The best part of the daily programming is that you get to do the program with a community with 2500+ members. We are the LARGEST team of police offiers who train together every single day. You get to compete with law enforcement officers, firefighters, tactical athletes, and first responders across the world every day.

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Field-Tested Nutrition

Learn the essentials for eating to improve your performance, build muscle, and lose weight. We provide you specific templates that adjust as you make changes weekly in body composition. You also gain exclusive access to our group forum to improve your understanding of the principles of nutrition and learn how to use the templates.

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Andrew B.

Police Officer

"I have been doing the program for a couple of weeks now and can saw its the best exercise program I have ever done. Its hard, but fun and I have been seeing improvements already. It's unreal and glad I started it."

Chris F.

SWAT Operator

"I just wanted to go ahead and take the time to thank the programming. Hit my first foot pursuit last night that turned into a small struggle at the end.
I felt nothing but prepared and fit to handle myself."

Luke A.

Academy Trainee

" Your program has made me get into 10x better shape. I continue to improve each week and am proud of what I have accomplished. Thanks for getting me into a routine and feeling more confident in my future."

Specific Training In Mind?

We Have You Covered. 

Browse our Concentrated Programs, featuring Academy Prep, SWAT Prep, Officer Combatives, Patrol Mobility, Nutritional Guidelines, Muscle Rehab and more...

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Academy Prep

12 Week Program Designed to Get You Prepared For The Academy

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Patrol Mobility 2.0

4 Week Program Designed to Improve Mobility and Decrease Pain

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Combative Essentials

Complete Combatives System Designed to Cover Essential Combative Techniques

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Our programming is the best on the market, period. We are extremely confident in this statement, therefore your first two weeks are on us - we want nothing stopping you from joining the team and becoming effective.

There are no commitments or cancellation fees. You have nothing to lose... but everything to gain.

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Daily Workouts for

Law Enforcement Officers

Get Stronger, Lean Out, Train Like an Athlete and Become More Effective with Our Flagship Program, the Effective Fitness Training Membership.

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