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5 Reasons for LEOs to Train with a Sandbag

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sandbag training




Depending on the program utilized, the sandbag can be used to develop strength, power, conditioning, endurance, and even mobility.


Strength? Load it as heavy as you see fit and lift it.

Power? Throw it, clean it.

Conditioning? Use it for a MetCon or any variation of high intensity training.

Endurance? Use a lighter weight for a longer period of time, more repetitions, or even carry it around like a rucksack.

Mobility? Try the Sandbag Get Up! Also… Train through full range of motion with load and your mobility is bound to improve.


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There are not many training tools available that can become the “all in one” like the sandbag can. It mimic movements of a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, weight vest, etc., all while adding the factor of instability which is crucial to the LEO. 





As an LEO, your workouts should look just a little different than the average athlete.


Tactical athletes need to be able to improve their ability to complete occupational demands such as dragging (people, heavy objects), pulling dead weight, single arm and 2-arm carries, and lifting unstable load off the ground while maybe not in an ideal position to do so. You have to adapt to your environment and the sandbag truly allows you to “train the way you work.” 


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The sandbag is a one and done training tool that is incredibly affordable. It may seem expensive off the bat, ranging anywhere from $50-$250, but the fact of the matter is that you can easily bring it anywhere, train any fitness trait that supports your goals, can almost instantly improve your health and quality of life AND the ability to do your job. That investment pays off quickly with a return like that.





The importance of trunk strength, durability and endurance is crucial for Law Enforcement Officers due to the nature of the job.


For many, it's the prolonged sitting at a desk or on patrol. For some, it may be the physical demands on the regular basis. For others... it may simply be the fact that when duty calls, you must be prepared.


Regardless of your current circumstances in the LE profession, developing a resilient midline is important to alleviate pain and potentially reduce the risk of injury.



The constantly shifting center of mass in a sandbag, regardless of what it is filled with, forces individuals to use their trunk to stabilize and control the load. This inevitably improves strength and durability of the mid-section.


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