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We also offer more niche, specialized programs that are individualized with a specific goal in mind.

Whatever you may need, we're here to help you train above the standard.


Specialized Training Programs

Academy Prep

12 Week Program Designed to Get You Prepared For The Academy

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Patrol Mobility

4 Week Program Designed to Improve Mobility and Decrease Pain

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Tac Sandbag Training

8 Week Program Designed to Get Lean and Strong, Utilizing A Sandbag and Bodyweight

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90 Day PT Prep

90 Day Program Designed to Improve Your Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, and Sit-Ups

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17 Week Program Designed to Build High Level Operators on SWAT Teams

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Tactical Hypertrophy

6 Week Program Designed For You To Gain Lean Muscle Mass

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Rehab Programs

Knee Strong

10 Week Rehab Program Designed To Build Healthy, Stable and Resilient Knees

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Shoulder Stability

9 Week Rehab Program Designed To Improve Your Shoulder Mobility and Stability

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Low Back Strength

4 Week Rehab Program Designed To Build A Healthy, Strong and Resilient Back

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Nutrition To Burn Fat and Build Muscle

EFT Nutrition Bundle

Learn The Principles of Nutrition AND Make The Progress You've Always Wanted

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Nutrition Templates

Make The Progress You've Always Wanted With Our EFT Nutrition Template

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Nutrition Guidelines

Learn The Principles of Nutrition With Our EFT Nutrition Guidelines E-Book

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Running Programs

12 Week Running Program

12 Week Program Designed to Improve Your 1.5 Mile Run Time

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16 Week Running Program

16 Week Program Designed to Improve Your 1.5 Mile Run Time

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Law Enforcement Training

Combative Essentials for Patrol Officers

Complete Combatives System Designed to Cover Essential Combative Techniques

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Pre-Academy Firearm Fundamentals

Complete Firearm Fundamentals Training Course for Law Enforcement

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