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Tired of workout programs that don't make you noticeably stronger and faster?


Want your appearance to demand respect by filling out your uniform?


Tired of overpriced functional fitness programs and gyms with limited coaching interaction?
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Our profession is stressful and our schedule can make it difficult to see improvements in strength and body composition.


As police officers we are 4x more likely to sleep less than 6 hours compared to non-LEOs.

High stress and lack of sleep leads us to have a higher body fat percentage than non-LEOs and not seeing the results in the gym we want.

40% of police officers are obese compared to the 32% of the rest of the population.

Our average life expectancy as a police officer is 57 years old (which is 22 years younger than non-LEOs).

We also experience a high number of injuries on the job with soft tissue strains and sprains accounting for 42.36% to 94.59% of injuries.


All of this can be avoided with proper training and guidance.

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We're here to help deliver the results you are looking for.

 As police officers we are faced with challenges that no other career faces. 

We must be strong, mobile, quick on our feet, and have great endurance.

Whether we are on the street or we work behind a desk, our physical condition represents our community and our family.

Effective Fitness is here to help. We have designed a workout program for police officers to get stronger, build muscle, get faster, improve their mobility, and improve their physique.

Our team of PTs and Strength Coaches will guide you to progressing at a sustainable pace without any injury set backs.

You will experience the most up to date training program that is guided by research.

We do the hard work of compiling the research, designing the program, and delivering it to you in an easy to use app.

Just log on and start training with a team of police officers across the world.

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"Over all... You promised me that I would feel better and that I would perform better on the job. Holy crap you were not lying!"

- Anders Sodermann, Police Officer

Features of the Program

  • 2 Daily Workouts (basic garage gym equipment workout and a bodyweight workout)
  • TrainHeroic App to track progress
  • Nutrition Guidelines to help you achieve your body composition goals
  • 12 and 16 Week Running Programs to improve 1.5 mile time
  • Daily Leaderboard to train against police officers around the world 
  • Rehab Programs 10-20 minute add-on programs for shoulder, knee, and low back
  • 4 Week Push Up/Pull Up Program to add more reps to your max sets
  • Monthly LIVE Webinars on fitness and tactic training topics
  • Facebook Community to share experiences and learn from other police officers
  • Coaching and Physical Therapy Support available 24/7 for questions
  • Programming Specifically Designed for Police Officers


Value of $350/month...


for only $24.95 every 4 weeks after your first 14 days

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"I have been doing the program for a couple of weeks now and can saw its the best exercise program I have ever done. Its hard, but fun and I have been seeing improvements already. Its unreal and glad I started it."

- Andrew Bezan, Police Officer

How Much Will This Cost Me? 


We have designed this program to be extremely affordable. We do NOT want price to be a reason for you not to be part of the team and train with us.


$24.95 per month

after a 14 day free trial


We guarantee results within this first 6 weeks or you get your money back.


Look... our team of coaches and therapists are here to get you results! If you aren't seeing progress we want to give you your money back.


There are no commitments or cancellation fees.

You have nothing to lose... but everything to gain.

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"I've actually lost 15lbs... I'm more muscular..."
"Do the 2 week trial...You are going to get leaner... you are going to get stronger... there is no reason not to do it "
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