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Instructor Andrew Keith takes you through our Pre-Academy Firearm Fundamentals Course covering safety, nomenclature, shooting fundamentals and dry fire drills that will have you on the path to succeed during Academy firearms training.

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Academy Prep

12 Week Program

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This 12-week Program will progress you from a beginner to being prepared for an Academy, Boot Camp, or starting the Effective Fitness Program.

The program starts with 3 days a week and progresses to 5 days a week over the 12 weeks.

The workouts start being 30-45 minutes long and will progress to 45-60 minutes long.

The program includes running 2-3x a week as well as plenty of calisthenics and core work to get you prepared for any Academy.

You will start with dumbbells and kettlebells and progress to barbell exercises. 


  • 12 Week Programming to Prep YOU for the Academy and the Effective Fitness Program
  • TrainHeroic App to Track Your Progress Throughout the Program
  • Access to Communicate with your Coaches via Email, Facebook, and TrainHeroic


What People Are Saying:

The Academy Prep Program was a huge success! it helped me knock off 2 minutes to my two mile time, I can now do 5 strict pull ups, I have more energy throughout the day, and I feel STRONGER! Thank you Effective Fitness for helping me become prepared for the Academy. I was well ahead of my classmates upon starting the Academy.

Matt Brown