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What People Are Saying:

Pursuit tonight that led to a crash. All 3 were injured. I, along with the help of other officers, were able to get all 3 out of the vehicle, physically carry 1 to an ambulance, get the other 2 on backboards to an ambulance. I thank you for your program and how it's helped me, and helped me tonight. I helped carry all 3 people to the ambulances.

EFT Member

I work in a covert specialized unit for a municipal police dept. Today I was in the area of a robbery that just occurred and located the suspect nearby. Of course he ran and the foot chase ended quickly and safely for two primary reasons: paying attention to the tactics/training considerations on PolicePosts and the EFT Program. Which I've done for 6 months. I was able to quickly close on the suspect before he could react or harm anyone due to your awesome agility and strength programming.

EFT Member

Thanks again for the great training plan! After completing the program my pullup max went up by 5 and my pushup max went up by 8.

EFT Member

Following the Effective Fitness Program definitely saved my life today while evacuating people in a wildfire area. I wouldn't have been able to jump over fences, lift the heavy tree, and sprint up the hill through smoke, if it weren't for this training.

EFT Member

Overall.. You promised me that I would feel better and that I would perform better on the job. Holy crap you were not lying! We were out training tactics about a month ago. It was a two-day session 10h/day with all of the gear you can imagine. Personal vest, on that k12 tactical vest, helmet etc. I got through it easily because of my overall stamina being a lot better now. Hardly broke a sweat.

EFT Member