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Tac Sandbag Training Plan

8 Week Program

Now Only $39.95

This 8 week, 4x per week training cycle was written with the intent to get you leaner, stronger and more powerful even with no other equipment available to you but a sandbag! Utilizing 1 sandbag and your bodyweight, you will succeed in building strength, power, stamina and durability, ultimately becoming a more effective Law Enforcement Officer.

Day 1: Work Capacity

  • There will be 2-3 work capacity bouts on Day 1 each week. These are designed to improve your output in the 5-10 minute time frame.

Day 2: Strength + Trunk Strength 

  • This session will be strength focused with movements such as squats, presses, rows, drags, carries, etc.(utilizing Minimal Effective Dose, taking LEOs stress and recovery into consideration when programming volume)
  • The second portion of this workout will be a trunk strength grind. This is designed to increase stamina and durability of the midline which increases strength to limbs, but also increases overall injury resilience.

Day 3: Endurance

  • These sessions consist of 1-2 “grinds”. Grind = slower, aerobic pace keeping your average heart rate for the session under 150bpm.

Day 4: Power Development + Conditioning

  • This intent is to improve power and explosiveness in multiple planes of motion using movements such as the clean, push press, slams, and throws.
  • The second part of this workout will be power focused, but in a conditioning format



What's in it for you?:

  • Minimal equipment program (sandbag only) to build strength, power, stamina and durability
  • Train at home, on shift, outdoors, or while traveling!
  • Reference videos attached for demonstrations of each exercise
  • Utilize the Minimal Effective Dose Method for optimal recovery and in turn, more gains
  • Reduce injury risk by utilizing an odd shaped object that mimics on the job tasks such as dragging, carrying, lifting to shoulder
  • Become a more effective Police Officer



Great functional workouts for LEOs with the ability to add on bonus programs like prehab/rehab, for injuries, running, push-up and pull-up improvements, etc. And an easy to use app.

Shawn Lo Blue

EFT has been an amazing program for first responders and civilians alike! I have been following this program for over 6 months and I can see major results in my fitness and overall well being. I definitely recommend this program!

Christian Taylor

Just over a year out until I apply for the academy. I'm still a work in progress but your program has made me get into 10x better shape. I continue to improve each week and am proud of what I have accomplished. I'm not there yet, but I will be! Thanks for getting me into a routine and feeling more confident in my future.

Luke Allcock