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Our coaches have been hand selected as First Responder and Tactical Athlete Training Experts

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Meet Dr. Matt Shiver

Matt has his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University. Matt has over 5 years of experience coaching competitive Weightlifters, Powerlifters, CrossFit athletes, High School Athletes, and Tactical Athletes. 

Matt enjoys lifting heavy things, traveling, and doing workshops to teach people how to move better!

Matt has participated in Weightlifting, CrossFit, Bodybuilding, and Powerlifting competitions. His experience has given him a variety of training methods to deliver excellent results to his athletes.

Matt is the Head Coach and Programmer for the Effective Fitness Team.

Meet Kellie Rongo

Kellie relocated to the Charleston area from Central NY where she started her own personal training business with athletes/clients of all ages. In 2017, she worked with a high school weightlifting club and helped young ladies compete in powerlifting competitions. Kellie has a strong passion for strength & conditioning, powerlifting, kettlebell and sandbag training, mobility, and the science of nutrition.

Formerly an athlete of soccer, basketball and softball, she pursued coaching young athletes in each of those sports during her college career.

Her current clientele consists of police officers, former military, firefighters, EMS, nurses, and others that use their body for their profession.

In her free time, you’ll find her hiking in the mountains, running 5k and 10k races, looking for new coffees to try and doing other awesome things with her dogs (that also hang out at her gym every day).

She is pridefully dedicated to being a leader in helping others live a healthier, longer and happier life, both mentally and physically.



Every 4 Weeks

Daily Communication with Coach and Physical Therapist

Training Delivered Through TrueCoach app

Video Analysis of Technique


Nutrition Guidance 

Weekly Mandatory Check-Ins

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Bonuses Included with Coaching:


- Nutritional Guidelines and Templates (valued at $29.99)

- Injury Prevention Programs (valued at $39.99 each)

- 6 Week Tactical Bodybuilding Program (valued at $49.99)

- Weekly Remote Office Hours with Physical Therapist (valued at $199.95/hour)

- Facebook Community (priceless)

Total Bonuses of over $400


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My ideas for programming became stagnant and my passion was dwindling so I looked to outsource my programming / coaching for myself. And that's when I found Matt.

His programming was everything I needed; he not only listened to my situation and programmed accordingly to address my weaknesses and goals but he also took into account details like time and frequency so that I was able to comfortably fit each training session in with no problem.

The best part was his knowledge as a coach was equaled by his knowledge in the world of physical therapy. This allowed me to entrust him with every issue and/or question from the difference between a snatch balance and a heaving snatch balance as well as why my shoulder ached after certain movements.

Matt is the best and I would confidently recommend him to ANY athlete regardless of level or goals!!!"

Ryan Grady
Head Coach at Crossfit KLEW


Matt not only introduced me to the art of the barbell, but he helped me fall in love with it. His positivity, enthusiasm, patience, technical knowledge, and emphasis on healthy mechanics made me feel both comfortable and confident. I am genuinely impressed with the emphasis he places on the whole athlete- mind, body, and spirit.

Matt has been incredibly supportive of me as a person as well, and I couldn't recommend him highly enough!"

Christy Manning


Matt is an incredibly talented and natural coach. He takes a comprehensive approach to training. Matt is a keen observer of his athletes. He provides targeted feedback and custom programs tailored for the individual.

Matt helped me increase my range of motion, improve my lifting technique, and build functional strength.

Working with Matt, I regularly achieved new PRs without injury. Matt's olympic lifting programs helped me add 40 pounds to my personal best in under 9 months. The programs were aimed at increasing strength and flexibility, but they also built up my cardiovascular capacity and helped me lose 8lbs, unintended but appreciated benefits!

I cannot say enough about Matt as a coach. You will not find his level of knowledge, about all aspects of fitness, anywhere else.”"

Ed Kabay


I had the opportunity to work with Matt Shiver for approximately eight months from 2017 to 2018. During this time he proved to be an exceptional Coach.

During the time we worked together I was coming off of a significant back injury which prevented me from training for about two to three months. Matt created a measured approach which allowed me to return to full form in about three months.

He found the right mix of programming based upon my goals, weaknesses, strengths, and accessory work. During the time I trained with Matt I increased 15# on my snatch from 185# to 200#. I also increased my back squat 3RM at 15# as well.

Matt was always quick to respond to my questions, be it programming, nutrition, or just general overall fitness. He is undoubtedly a true expert in his field. More than just the numbers and the programs Matt genuinely cares about the lives and successes of his athletes.

I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation."

Pete Able


Numbers (in pounds) before working with Matt: Back squat: 180, Front squat: 177, Snatch: 140, Clean and Jerk: 175.

Numbers just under 2 years of Matts coaching: Back squat: 5 reps at 220, Front squat: 220 1RM, Snatch: 172, Clean and Jerk: 202.

While the numbers are awesome, they aren't the whole story. Matt took the time to figure out and program exactly what I needed to improve. He listened to me about what I liked and didn't like in the program and knew when to adjust and when tell me to stick with it, even when I didn't want to.

Matt has a great eye for technique and is able to provide cues that make sense. Matt truly cares about his athletes and that shows in his coaching and programming.

There are few people I would trust with building a program after working with Matt! "

Norah Cetin
Physical Therapist


The performance and fitness industries are evolving at a rapid pace, and if you're serious about making progressive and consistent strides in this arena, you need a coach who is willing to evolve as well.

Matt provides this flexibility, and you won't find a coach more willing to work WITH YOU. I say "with you", because he's not just a guide like many you find around the industry. He wants to ensure that his athletes not only progress physically, but also takes the time to teach the underlying mechanisms and program design, so that you can make better informed decisions in the future.

Yes, Matt is a Strength Coach and a Physical Therapist, but his most valuable title is Teacher.

I can't thank him enough for helping me not only make strides as an athlete, but broadening my horizons as a Strength Coach myself.

If you're looking for someone to learn with and guide you through rehab or strength programming, you won't find a better person than Matt!"

Amrik Crowe
Strength and Conditioning Coach

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